Menu prices, items and hours are subject to change without notice.
Chips  & Salsa$ 4.99

$ 7.99
Nachos  (Add Beef  $1.99    Add Chicken  $2.99   Add Steak $3.99)$ 7.99
Onion Rings
$ 6.99
Fried Pickles
$ 6.99
Fried Mushrooms
 $ 6.99
Loaded Cheese Fries
$ 7.99
Cheese Curds$ 6.99
All burgers come with one side.
Cheeseburger  lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles & mustard.
$ 8.99
Double Cheeseburger lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles & mustard.
Four Cheeseburger American, cheddar, Swiss and pepper jack $10.59
Cowboy Burger bacon, onion ring, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions & BBQ sauce
Jalapeno Burger  pepper jack cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onions & pickles.
$ 9.99
Bacon Jalapeno Burger  $10.99
Fried Onion Burger  mayo & grilled onions
$ 9.99
Mushroom Swiss Burger  mayo & grilled mushrooms
$ 9.99
Bacon Cheeseburger lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles & mustard
$ 9.99
Chili Cheeseburger
$ 8.99
Single Patty Melt (swiss cheese, caramelized onions & Texas toast)
Western Burger (Topped w/one an over medium egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato$10.59
Southwest Burger grilled jalapenos, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, pepper jack cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.$10.59
Mac & Cheese Burger (topped w/ mac & cheese on a toasted bun)$10.59
Comes with one side.
$ 7.59
Texas Grill Cheese  (Bacon, American, cheddar, Swiss, pepper jack, w/ grilled onion and Jalapenos)$ 8.59
Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich
$ 9.59
Crispy Chicken Sandwich
$ 8.59
Grilled Chicken Sandwich
$ 8.59
Chicken Bacon Ranch  (battered or grilled chicken breast, lettuce and tomatoes)$ 9.59
Chicken Mushroom Swiss  (lettuce and tomatoes)$ 9.59
Southwest Grilled Chicken  (grilled jalapeno, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, pepper jack, lettuce and tomatoes)$ 9.59
Ranch, French, Thousand Island or Italian
Cheeseburger Salad (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheddar cheese)
$ 8.99
Chicken Salad (Crispy or Grilled)
$ 8.99
Chef Salad$ 9.99
Hot Hamburger  toast, hamburger patty, grilled onions, stacked with fries in brown gravy.
Hamburger Steak  brown gravy, (sautéed mushrooms or caramelized onions on request) two sides & toast
Chicken Fried Steak two sides, cream gravy& toast
XL Chicken Fried Steak  two side, cream gravy& toast
Chicken Fried Chicken  two sides, cream gravy & toast
Grilled Chicken Mushroom Swiss   two sides & toast
Chicken Strip Dinner (3 strips served w/2 sides, Texas toast & your choice of sauce or gravy) $10.99
Grilled Chicken Dinner  (served w/2 sides & Texas Toast)$10.99
Southwest Grilled Chicken  (grilled jalapenos, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, pepper jack cheese. Served w/2 sides & Texas Toast)$12.99

Big Net Platter (2 Catfish, 3 Shrimp, 2 Hushpuppies, coleslaw & fries)
Catfish Platter (2 Catfish, 2 Hushpuppies, Coleslaw & fries)
Butterflied Shrimp Platter (6 Shrimp, 2 Hushpuppies, Coleslaw & fries)
Choice of 2 sides & Texas toast.
(Add Mushrooms or Onions or Brown Gravy  $1.99)
Add 3 Butterflied Shrimp $5.99
Ribeye  8 oz.
Ribeye  16 oz.
Sirloin  10 oz.
Fresh Cut Fries
$ 2.59
Tater Tots
$ 2.59
Mashed Potatoes
$ 2.59
Baked Potato (after 4:00)  Loaded add $1.99
$ 2.59
Side Salad
$ 2.59
$ 2.59
Green Beans
$ 2.59
$ 2.59
$ 2.59
Onion Rings
                                                               $ 2.59
Mac & Cheese
$ 2.59
Cottage Cheese$ 2.59
Corn$ 2.59
Fruit$ 2.59
All meals come with one side.
Cheeseburger or Chicken Strips 
 Grilled Cheese
small Chicken Fried Steak, small Hot Hamburger, small Hamburger Steak or small Catfish
Little Fisherman  $7.99
2 Eggs, 2 bacon or 2 sausage links or sausage patty, hash browns or breakfast potato and Texas toast.
Fisherman  $9.99
3 Eggs, 3 bacon or 4 sausage links or sausage patties, hash browns or breakfast potatoes and Texas toast.
Big Fisherman  $11.99
4 Eggs, 4 bacon or 4 sausage links or sausage patties, hash browns or breakfast potatoes, Texas toast or pancake.
Country Fried Chicken $11.99
Chicken breast fried covered with homemade cream gravy. Served with 2 eggs, hash browns or breakfast potatoes and Texas toast.
Country Fried Steak $13.99
 Covered in homestyle gravy.  Served with 2 eggs, hash browns or breakfast potatoes and Texas toast.
Steak & Eggs  $16.99
Sirloin Steak w/2 eggs, hash browns or breakfast potatoes & Texas toast or biscuit.
Breakfast Scramble  $11.99
Bacon, sausage, ham, onions green bell pepper, mushrooms, jalapenos, potatoes scrambled topped w/ cheddar cheese
Pancake Platter  $8.99
2 pancakes, 2 eggs, 2 bacon or 2 sausage links or sausage patties.
Biscuit & Gravy Platter $8.99
with 2 eggs and hash browns or breakfast potatoes.
Omelets come with Breakfast Potato or Hash Browns and Texas Toast.
Motherload Omelet  $13.99
Bacon, sausage, ham, onions, green bell peppers, mushrooms, jalapenos, potatoes, American, cheddar, swiss and pepper jack cheese.
Meat & Cheese Omelet  $9.99
Your choice of Sausage, Ham or Bacon w/ your choice of American, Cheddar, Swiss or Pepper Jack Cheese.
Veggie Omelet  $8.99
Onion, mushrooms, green bell peppers, tomatoes and American cheese.
Three Cheese Omelet  $8.99
American, cheddar and pepper jack cheese.
Hash browns/breakfast potatoes  $2.99...  One egg  $1.29...  3 Bacon slices  $3.59... 2 Sausage links/ sausage patties $3.59...  Texas toast  $2.29... Biscuit  $2.29
Funnel Cake Fries  (caramel, or chocolate syrup)
Chocolate Cake
Apple PieFunnel Cake Fries
New York Style CheesecakeApple Spice Cake
Carrot CakeLemon Poppyseed Cake
Medium or Large
Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, Rootbeer, Powerade Mountain Blast, Lemonade, Tea, Sweet Tea, Coffee, Milk, Chocolate Milk